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This is a great system to implement into your business. Women are getting exciting
results and have more booking then they can keep up with. It takes a little
organization and preparation. Please call me if you have any questions or you think
this is for you! We could do anything for 21 days but then it becomes a habit. You
may choose to do 5 a day if you like just so you do it 21 days. You will learn the
system and scripts and you will always be able to go back to it when you need
bookings. Look at script below!

You can use this method to reconnect with your customers even if you are not
booking them but change the script to reconnecting.- email - birthday - liking your
Facebook page once you reach them. You can offer any amount of gift certificate.
The key is the voice mail and the text 3 times. You will get in touch maybe even with
old booth names!

I think the system changes each time with who is doing it. I am using 1 inch 3-ring
notebook with 1-31 dividers and using a piece of paper for each person so 10 on the
first day so I can move them as I need to and keeping notes on their page so not
using much color coding. When you get to a day and there only 8 to call you need
to add 2 new and mark them accordingly to what call they are on. I also have Jan- Dec
dividers in back of notebook to move them to after 6th contact. My month at 
glance calendar has appointments only.


Scripts for the 21 Day Challenge






Updated 07/19/19


Jane-Mary Vukan Yufanyi Tchatat Ejiro Gloria Olatunji Chidinma A Ifeagwu

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