Former Occupation: Student
Debut Date: December 2001
Highest Check: Over $30,000.00
Courts: Court of Sales

“My business has taught me who I am and the personal growth
that I have experienced far exceeds the monetary gains!”

Daddy’s Girl. As a young girl, Independent Senior National Sales Director Elizabeth Muna attended boarding school because her father felt that it not only provided a great education, but great discipline too. “My family has always realized the importance of education,” she shares. “We were taught from early on that a successful life was one that included service to others.”

Elizabeth started her Mary Kay business because of the freedom and flexibility that it provided. She was working long hours as a nurse and was intrigued that she could set her own hours with a Mary Kay business. From the start, Elizabeth’s dad was not supportive as he didn’t see how a Mary Kay business provided service to others. Elizabeth forged ahead on a mission to prove to her father that Mary Kay was more than what he thought.

While she was an Independent Sales Director-In-Qualification and working to earn her car, her National Sales Director, the late Darlene Berggren, and her Independent Sales Director, Mary Ellen D’Amico, wrote a letter to Elizabeth’s dad explaining the importance of Seminar and what it would mean to Elizabeth if he would attend with her. Their letter was the catalyst that changed his mind forever, and ultimately Elizabeth’s. He attended Seminar with Elizabeth that year and was motivated and impressed by all that he saw there. He admitted that he was wrong about the Mary Kay opportunity and has been Elizabeth’s biggest fan ever since!

“I love my Mary Kay business because it has allowed me to help other women grow and become independent,” Elizabeth says. “My business has taught me who I am and the personal growth that I have experienced far exceeds the monetary gains! I love my Mary Kay family and know that this life I live was God’s plan as he put me in the path of Mary Ellen and Darlene, who I love and admire greatly.”

Elizabeth has two very energetic little boys, Zelman & Zyler.
They enjoy spending time together and she is very dedicated to them.